[CITAMS] ICA 2016 Blue Sky Workshop Innovations in Digital Inclusion Research, Policy and Practice

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Dear colleagues and friends, 

If you are going to ICA in Japan this June, 


ICA 2016 Blue Sky Workshop 

Innovations in Digital Inclusion Research, Policy and Practice


Organizers (in alphabetical order)

*	Wenhong Chen, UT Austin,  <mailto:wenchen2006 at gmail.com>
wenchen2006 at gmail.com
*	Shelia R. Cotten, Michigan State University,
<mailto:cotten at msu.edu> cotten at msu.edu 
*	William H. Dutton, Quello Center, MSU, wdutton at msu.edu 
*	Y. Patrick Hsieh, RTI International,
<mailto:yulihsieh2012 at u.northwestern.edu> yulihsieh2012 at u.northwestern.edu;
<mailto:yph at rti.org> yph at rti.org  
*	Rich Ling, Nanyang Technological University, rili at ntu.edu.sg
*	Bianca Reisdorf, Quello Center, MSU, reisdo10 at msu.edu
*	Amit Schejter, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Penn State,
<mailto:schejter at gmail.com> schejter at gmail.com 
*	Joseph Straubhaar, UT Austin,  jdstraubhaar at austin.utexas.edu 
*	Sharon Strover, UT Austin,
<mailto:sharon.strover at austin.utexas.edu> sharon.strover at austin.utexas.edu


Despite ample hype about the ubiquity of ICTs, 53% of the world’s
population has never gone online. Even within the most prosperous nations,
digital divides remain significant, based on such factors as age and income,
but also geography, excluding many in rural areas and distressed areas of
cities. The consequences are increasingly significant to perpetuating social
and economic inequalities as government services, healthcare, education and
job opportunities move online. Resources have been invested in initiatives
to close digital divides, but with limited results. This Workshop will
explore theories and methods guiding the study of divides, and critically
assess emerging policy and practice. Multiple stakeholders are invited to
identify promising policy and technical initiatives, and how they can best
be studied. See more details here http://bit.ly/1VOgtES. 

Please submit your statement to  <mailto:wenchen2006 at gmail.com>
wenchen2006 at gmail.com by May 1, 2016. We will notify selected participants
by May 15, 2016.




Wenhong 文泓

Wenhong Chen
Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Sociology
University of Texas at Austin 
T: 512-471-4952
F: 512-471-4077
 <mailto:wenhong.chen at austin.utexas.edu> wenhong.chen at austin.utexas.edu


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