[CITAMS] Membership, iCS Update + Call for Volunteers

Jessie Daniels jdaniels at hunter.cuny.edu
Fri Nov 4 16:19:47 EDT 2016

Greetings CITAMS Folks ~

I'm writing to report (modest) good news regarding membership in our section and to ask for help keeping it running.

First, about membership. We saw a slight increase in our membership for 2016, so that our total for the section is now 370 (up from 362). If you break that down by "types" of memberships (which ASA does), then our numbers look like this:

  *   low-income: 29 (up from 28)
  *   student: 130 (up from 127)
  *   regular: 211 (up from 207)

>From ASA (for the big picture on where our section falls): "Collectively sections ended the year with 26,921 memberships, 437 members short of last year’s count. A closer look reveals that the picture is somewhat mixed. The median section was actually larger than at the end of 2015 (496 vs. 484). Nearly all sections surpassed this year’s membership estimates. When broken down by membership category, many sections saw increases in regular memberships (+67) and low income members (+39). These increases were more than overwhelmed by a large scale decrease in student memberships (-543)."

Second, I'm delighted to report that we have a good pool of papers submitted for the iCS Special Issue, thanks in large measure to my co-editors Apryl Williams (TAMU) and Shantel Buggs (UT-Austin) who have done heroic work with outreach behind the scenes.

Third, we need volunteers! We got some of this sorted out at the Council Meeting in Seattle, but still need volunteers for several positions (my bad....). The most pressing one at the moment is someone to take the lead on gathering nominations for people to run for the next round of section positions (soon).

Other volunteer opportunities include: roundtable organizer (mostly in late January), membership (next year), sponsorship (ongoing), and socio-technical outreach (ongoing). If you're interested in volunteering for any of these, you can email me off list (jdaniels at hunter.cuny.edu or jessiedanielsnyc at gmail.com) and I'll send you more info at that time.

Thanks everyone!!!

Nominations (for section positions):
Media Sociology Subcommittee: Casey Brienza
Roundtable Organizer:
Membership Committee:
Sponsorship Committee:
Reception/party planner for ASA 2017: Wenhong Chen
Pre-conference planning for ASA 2017: Casey Brienza
Socio-technical outreach committee:
Newsletter Committee: Barry Wellman
Blog & Social Media: Laura Robinson, Wenhong Chen, Jessie Daniels

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Professor, Sociology and Critical Social Psychology
Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY
web: www.jessienyc.com<http://www.jessienyc.com/>
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