[CITAMS] a media paradigm revolution?

Barry Wellman wellman at chass.utoronto.ca
Sat Nov 5 09:55:15 EDT 2016

Valdis Krebs presented a nice political-choice network diagram in the 
Rainie-Wellman Networked book, analyzing the Amazon book-purchase info--People 
who bought Book X also bought Book Y. It showed 3 filter bubbles: Republicans, 
Democrats, Obama-fans. Implicit in this is that printed publications count. It 
appeared to me a specification of the classic two-step flow of communication.

The events of 2016 suggest otherwise. Every single mainstream media--from the 
New Republic to the Wall Street Journal--has been anti-Trump. They view him as 
an abomination. Yet he continues to get a sizeable minority of US voter 
choices. In other words, MSM choices almost do not matter, and may in fact be 
counter-productive. Trumpians (1) may not be aware of the MSM anti-Trump 
arguments because they do not read, or even hear about them, or (2) MSM 
endorsements of whatever ilk may even be counter-productive to people who 
believe the establishment they represent are out to get them -- or are 
indifferent to them.

Your thoughts appreciated, but to the list only please.

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