[CITAMS] Media's paradigm revolution

Wright, Talmadge Twright at luc.edu
Sat Nov 5 10:54:25 EDT 2016

I think the hype around the new media, social or otherwise, masks the fact that the majority of people still receive their news from MSM. The change is in how that news is constructed and the decline in any critical reporting, in part because of the 24/7 news cycle. In book publishing it is common knowledge that fewer people read books than 20 years ago, but that those who do buy most of them. Same with guns. Fewer gun owners but those who have them, have lots of them.   Trump is the perfect candidate for this era of "reality" news, all surfaces, no coherence and just pushing emotional buttons. Watching raw videos on You Tube feels more real than hear mainstream reporters comment about an already manufactured frame of that reality. Part of this as we all know is the monopolization of the media industries, and the movement away from news to entertainment. Social media fills a missing gap here, but what it fills it with is a mixture of both brilliant critical analysis combined with the latest conspiracy theories, click bait and other devices guaranteed to attract your attention. Alex Jone's dumbing down Right wing screeds come to mind on You Tube for example. 4chan provides emotional click bait for women and gay haters. Left sites like Common Dreams have their followers. We all get to fill our own market niche and select our brand of knowledge (of lack thereof) to love or hate. In an era of confused customers, it is far easier to push those emotional buttons and cater to preconceived ideologies than it is to have a serious conversation. And heck, you make more money to boot.
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