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Jessie Daniels jdaniels at hunter.cuny.edu
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Greetings CITAMS Colleagues ~

It's the time of year when, as Section Chair, I get to remind you about the importance of membership for our section. Membership is the way that the ASA allocates sessions and our budget. More than that, the sections are where people feel most connected to the association and the discipline. So, why not share all that section joy by getting a membership for someone? It's easy.

The link for giving a membership to a student is: http://asa.enoah.com/Home/My-ASA/Gift-Section

You can also log in via the membership portal and find the opportunity to renew or give a section membership under the right hand column. Under “Contribute/Give” click on the last link, “Purchase a gift section membership."

That's it. Use the link, add a member!

The Bigger Picture from ASA on Sections
As of today there are a total of 52 sections with 25,871 section members, compared to 25,994 this time last year. Overall section memberships are down about 1%. However, CITAMS membership is up 10% since last year, thanks in part to efforts to include Media Sociology folks. This is great news and we should keep building on this momentum.

The year-end section census is calculated on October 1. That means that the CITAMS budget and session allocations will be determined at that time.

Right now, we have 362 members, and so we get 2 sessions. This means we're 38 new members away from getting another section added! Here's how the ASA allocates sessions for the Annual Meeting (on the left are membership numbers):

Number of Members in a Section

Number of Sessions Earned

Less than 300













~ Jessie Daniels
CITAMS, Section Chair

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