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Posted on behalf of Jessalynn Keller.

*Anti-Trump Resistance Across Feminized Media Cultures*
Since the November 2016 election of Donald Trump as President of the United
States, there has been a wide range of resistances to his presidency and
policies mobilized and expressed through media cultures. Much of this
resistance has occurred within what Elana Levine (2015) calls “feminized
popular culture,” including commercial magazines, social media platforms
like Instagram, and celebrity culture. Indeed, this resistance complicates
problematic assumptions about feminine cultural spaces as “lightweight,
frivolous, and excessively emotional” (Levine 2015) and raises important
questions about how feminized media cultures are working as politicized
spaces resisting the Trump administration.

This panel aims to address some of these questions, including: How is
mediated resistance represented across feminized media culture? In what
ways are intersectional femininities being engaged as resistance to Trump’s
hegemonic hyper-masculinity? What are the political-economic implications
for the production of resistant, feminized media with a commercial culture?
How is the “excessively emotional” being mobilized for political critique?
And, how does this resistance both extend and complicate historical
traditions of girls’ and women’s mediated activism?

I am seeking papers to be a part of a pre-constituted panel that examines
the ways in which anti-Trump resistance has been mobilized, circulated, and
rewritten across feminized media cultures. Papers that explore
intersectional feminized media cultures and those that historicize
anti-Trump resistance are particularly encouraged.

Paper topics may include:
• Social media activism, including Facebook groups such as Pantsuit Nation
• The mediated affects of anti-Trump sentiments, including trauma, anger
and hope
• Girls’ mediated critiques of Trump
• Feminized labour of resistance
• Mediation of protest, including the Women’s March on Washington
• The commodification of anti-Trump protest
• Queering anti-Trump media

The panel already consists of two papers, one exploring the anti-Trump
politics of Teen Vogue and the other interrogating pussyhats craft
communities as resistance. Thus, I am seeking two additional papers (on
different topics) to round out the panel.

Abstracts between 400-500 words, as well as 4-5 references and a short bio
should be sent to Jessalynn Keller (Jessalynn.keller at ucalgary.ca) by July
15, 2017. Successful submissions will be notified by July 24, 2017 with a
final submission by August 21, 2017. Please send any questions to
jessalynn.keller at ucalgary.ca

Ryan Burns, PhD
Dept of Geography
University of Calgary

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