[CITAMS] ICA/CAT Preconference: Digital Media and Communication Research, A Venture in Forecasting and Intervention

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Fri Mar 3 19:56:42 EST 2017

Hello all CITAMS colleagues, for those of you planning to attend ICA in 
San Diego in May, you may be interested in this preconference on May 25, 
being organized by myself and /Information, Communication & Society/ 
editor Brian Loader. See details below -- highlights include Delphi 
rounds ahead of the preconference for all registered participants, 
discussion sessions convened by contributors to the forthcoming 
/Routledge Handbook of Digital Media & Communication/ (Lievrouw & 
Loader, eds.), a closing session featuring as respondent Lee Rainie, 
Director of Internet, Science & Technology Research at the Pew Research 
Center, and a report on our results in a special section of /iCS/. We 
hope to see you there!

Leah Lievrouw


*Call for Open Registration: ICA 2017 Preconference*

*Division Sponsor: Communication and Technology (CAT)*


*/Digital Media and Communication Research:/*

*/A Venture in Forecasting and Intervention/*

May 25, 2017, San Diego Hilton Bayfront Hotel


_Organizers_:*Leah A. Lievrouw*, Dept. of Information Studies, 
University of California, Los Angeles, and *Brian Loader*, Dept. of 
Sociology, University of York

_Registration Fee_:$100.00 USD; open registration (no CFP). Register at 

_Description_: In his landmark 1976 volume, /The Coming of 
Post-Industrial Society/, sociologist Daniel Bell advanced a sweeping 
vision of the impending economic, cultural, and social changes 
associated with the dramatic post-war growth in media networks and 
institutions, information technologies, knowledge work, and services in 
developed societies. His modest subtitle -- /A Venture in Social 
Forecasting /-- hardly suggested the controversies and debates his book, 
and his vision, would provoke among early new media scholars, 
researchers and critics.

More than 40 years on, after decades of socio-technical change that Bell 
could scarcely have imagined, participants in this day-long intensive 
preconference will engage in a new “venture” in forecasting to identify 
fruitful ways ahead for digital communication/new media studies. Using 
themes from the forthcoming /Routledge Handbook of Digital Media and 
Communication/ (Lievrouw & Loader, eds.) as points of departure, 
preconference participants and /Handbook /contributor-panelists will 
collaborate on a wide-ranging, prospective agenda for the next decade of 
theory, research and practice in communication and media studies under 
conditions of pervasively networked, digital mediation.

*The preconference results/findings, highlights of the preconference 
discussions and participant contributions will be summarized and 
published in a special issue of the journal /Information, Communication 
& Society/, as part of celebrations marking iCS's twentieth year of 
publication. *

In April 2017, the organizers will open an exclusive online forum where 
pre-publication selections from the /Handbook/ will be available to 
participants as background for discussion. Participants and panelists 
will be invited to engage in two to three brief Delphi-style rounds via 
the site ahead of the San Diego meeting, to focus their expert views on 
the most compelling, under-explored, or likely future issues, problem 
areas, and opportunities for intervention in digital/new media and 
communication research, scholarship and practice.

On the preconference day, the /Handbook/ editors/conveners and 
contributor/panelists will lead all participants in a series of 
interactive plenary sessions which will explore the Delphi results and 
the book's main themes: the /artifacts/ (design, use and affordances of 
technology and devices, and the material conditions and embodiment of 
use), /practices/ (emerging and established forms of communicative 
action and engagement, cultural change and critique), and 
social/institutional /arrangements/ (macro-scale legal, economic or 
policy issues, social/political movements, industry trends, 
institutional and organizational formation and change) of 
digitally-mediated communication. Formats and activities of each session 
will depend on the topics being explored.

The preconference will conclude with a general session, moderated by the 
organizers and *Lee Rainie, Director of Internet, Science and Technology 
Research of the Pew Research Center*, in which the main themes and 
issues identified throughout the day will be reviewed and summarized 
into a rough preliminary agenda for research and action. Following the 
ICA conference, the organizers will edit the preconference contributions 
into a collection for publication in /iCS/, circulating drafts and 
soliciting any further suggestions from participants via the 
preconference site.

_Preconference Agenda_[TENTATIVE; session schedule and participants 
subject to change]

8:30-9:00 am***Coffee and Introductions, Preconference Goals *

**Review of Preconference Activities & Schedule

*Leah A. Lievrouw*, University of California, Los Angeles

*Brian Loader*, University of York

9:00-10:45 am*Session I: Artifacts*

Conveners (additional panelists TBA):

*Finn Brunton*, New York University

*Taina Bucher*, University of Copenhagen

*Radhika Gajjala*, Bowling Green State University

*Lee Humphreys*, Cornell University

*Matt Ratto*, University of Toronto

10:45-11:00 am*Break (refreshments provided)*

11:00-12:45 pm*Session II: Arrangements*

Conveners (additional panelists TBA):

*Julie Cohen*, Georgetown University

*Terry Flew*, Queensland University of Technology

*Barry Wellman*, University of Toronto

12:45-1:45 pm*Lunch (participants on their own)*

1:45-3:30 pm*Session III: Practices*

Conveners (additional panelists TBA):

*Shiv Ganesh*, Massey University

*Antero Garcia, *Stanford University

*Nancy Jennings*, University of Cinncinnati

*Gunnar Liestøl*, University of Oslo

*Irina Shklovski*, IT University of Copenhagen

*Cynthia Stohl*, University of California, Santa Barbara

3:30-4:00 pm*Break (refreshments provided) *

4:00-5:15 pm*Closing Session: Recap and Priorities*

Moderators:Lievrouw & Loader

Guest Respondent:*Lee Rainie*, Director, Pew Internet Project, 
Washington, D.C.

Leah A. Lievrouw, Professor
Department of Information Studies
University of California, Los Angeles
216 GSE&IS Building | Box 951520
Los Angeles, CA  90095-1520

Tel  +1 310 825 1840   Fax +1 310 206 4460
Email    llievrou at ucla.edu

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