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The five manuscripts chosen for this issue provide significant
contributions to Virtual World research in terms of theory, methodology,
and practice.
Assembled 2018 11(1)
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We are happy to announce the publication of a NEW ISSUE of the Journal of
Virtual Worlds Research (JVWR):

  Volume 11, Number 1: *Assembled 2018*

Issue editors: *Angie Cox*, Trident University International; *Edgardo
Donovan*, Trident University International; *Miao Feng*, NORC at the
University of Chicago; *Felipe Nunes*, Federal University of Rio Grande do
Sul, Brazil.

This issue includes five exciting research studies covering a broad and
diverse array of topic areas but still focuses on the enhancement of
knowledge in the realm of Virtual Worlds. In essence, the name of the issue
‘Assembled,’ defines the wide spectrum of professionally peer-reviewed
articles inspired by subject matter experts in their respective fields. The
five elite manuscripts chosen for this issue provide significant
contributions to Virtual World research in terms of theory, methodology,
and practice.

Issue Editor Corner Editorial
Marie Cox, Edgardo Donovan, Miao Feng, Felipe Nunes
Peer Reviewed Research Papers Virtual Parent-Child Relationships: A Case
Downing   One Game – One Effect? What Playing “World of Warcraft” Means for
Adolescents and Their Development
Flueggen, Stephanie Doyle, Hermann Veith
Immersive Storytelling in 360-Degree Videos: An Analysis of Interplay
Between Narrative and Technical Immersion
Elmezeny, Nina Edenhofer, Jeffrey Wimmer
Avatar Sex – the Joy of the Not-Real
F Wardle
Using 3D Worlds in Prison: Driving, Learning and Escape
Sara Farley

More from the JVWR
Last year's topical issues* Eve Online
and* Real Virtual Relationships
received many submissions which we couldn't publish for lack of room or
other different reasons. As we appreciate the hard work, and upon authors
consent, we collect these papers to give them another consideration for
publication in the yearly Assembled issue. Consequently, and depending on
editors' decision and authors' revisions, we plan to publish another
Assembled issue, later this year.

The JVWR's topical issues allow us to plan, define the topics, enlist
editors, and let authors ample time to develop their research. However, the
*Assembled* is also a home for papers that have not answered a specific
call, but our team of editors and reviewers finds they provide a new
contribution to the research of Virtual Worlds.

Concurrently, we encourage authors to send us updated research outcomes
outside the scope of the topical issues.

This publication is also an invitation for you to explore the JVWR previous
contribute as authors, and even suggest a new topic as editors of future
special issues. See the section "For Issue Editors
Each issue is managed by one managing Issue Editor with an option for 2-3
co-editors. The managing issue editor is the prime contact person and the
leader behind it.

Note that our *call for editors* of a topical issue, dedicated to an
exploration of the MIND
with relations to virtual worlds - is still open.
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*Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan* Editor In-Chief
  *The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research*
[image: JVWR Assembled 2018 cover]

Assembled 2018
Vol. 11, No. 1
*Copyright © 2018 Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, All rights reserved.*
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