[CITAMS] ATI Challenge ($2000 honorarium for qualitative scholars)

Nicholas Weber nmweber at illinois.edu
Tue Apr 24 11:18:26 EDT 2018

Please see invitation for participating below:

The Qualitative Data Repository (QDR, www.qdr.org) invites faculty and
advanced graduate students in social science and other disciplines that
employ qualitative data and methods to submit proposals to participate in
the Annotation for Transparent Inquiry (ATI) Challenge (

ATI (https://qdr.syr.edu/ati) is a new approach to transparency in
qualitative and multi-method research developed by QDR and the open-source
software company Hypothesis (https://hypothes.is/). ATI enriches articles
by linking "analytic notes" discussing data generation and analysis,
excerpts from underlying data sources, and even the data sources
themselves, directly to digital manuscripts.

Participants in the ATI Challenge will use annotation technology to enhance
manuscripts that they plan to submit to a leading journal in their
discipline. They will play a key role in demonstrating how qualitative and
multi-method researchers can join and benefit from academia’s ongoing
transparency revolution.  Participants will also receive an award of
$2,000, as either an honorarium or research support.  In addition, they
will attend a workshop in New York City in November 2018 at which they will
meet and network with other scholars who share a commitment to making their
research accessible and evaluable.  All travel and accommodation expenses
will be covered by QDR.

The proposal deadline is *May 11, 2018.*  Additional information can be
found on the "ATI Challenge" page on the QDR web site (
https://qdr.syr.edu/ati/ati-challenge).  Interested scholars can contact
QDR (qdr at syr.edu) with questions.  The ATI Challenge is supported by
generous funding support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the
National Science Foundation.

Nic Weber
Assistant Professor - University of Washington
Information School
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