[CITAMS] Call for proposals for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant: Blockchain and e-Health

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*Career Development Fellowships in the National Technology Centre Programme*

The Applied Research for Connected Health (A.R.C.H.) research centre
invites *applicants to the Enterprise Ireland Marie Sklodowska-Curie *cofunded
transnational programme that offers an opportunity for experienced
researchers to develop their careers in market focused applied research in
Ireland’s Technology Centres, with an enterprise secondment (of 6-12 months
in an Enterprise Ireland client company) during the Fellowship (of *36

Career-FIT is a *postdoctoral fellowship* programme, part-funded by Horizon
2020 and part-funded by Enterprise Ireland. A key feature of Career-FIT is
the opportunity for experienced researchers from outside Ireland to develop
their careers in market focused applied research through 3-year fellowships
with secondment into industry through Ireland’s Technology Centres (
https://www.arch.ie/about-us/careers/ <https://goo.gl/RmAarX>).

*Indicative salaries per year: without family €55,000, **with family

For more details about ARCH and this position, please see below and the two

*Application Deadline 17.00 CET 30 April 2018*

*Blockchain and e-Health*

Potential candidates interested in research on blockchain applications for
e-health can be supported in the development of their proposal by all, or
any, of these scholars:

   - *Gerardine Doyle* is Associate Professor at UCD College of Business
   and has served as Head of the Accountancy Subject Area. Gerardine is a
   visiting scholar at Harvard Business School (2017) exploring the concept of
   Value Measurement for Health Care. She is a Principal Investigator at ARCH.
   More info: http://www.ucd.ie/cito/members/gerardinedoyle/ email:
   gerardine.doyle at ucd.ie
   - *Gerhard Schwabe* is Professor and head of the Information Management
   Research Group in the Faculty of Business and Economics and Informatics of
   the University of Zurich (http://www.ifi.uzh.ch/en/imrg.html
   <https://goo.gl/QeFjUh>), which was recently awarded a grant to develop
   a Car Dossier to keep a reliable record of vehicles (
   <https://goo.gl/N7eWui>).​Several of those challenges are comparable to
   those emerging from designing and implementing patient records. More info:
   http://www.ifi.uzh.ch/en/imrg/people/schwabe.html email:
   schwabe at ifi.uzh.ch
   - *Gianluca Miscione *is Assistant Professor and director of the UCD
   Centre for Innovation Technology and Organization. He is P.I. of Coding
   Value research project, which started on digital currencies and is now
   expanding into blockchain applications. He worked on design research for
   e-health in the global context between 2002 and 2009. More info:
   http://www.ucd.ie/cito/members/gianlucamiscione/ <https://goo.gl/yws3Fw>
   email: gianluca.miscione at ucd.ie

If you are interested in collaborating with UCD and the University of
Zurich on those matters, you are encouraged to contact them to discuss
support to develop your project proposal for the above Marie
Sklodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowship.

*Applied Research for Connected Health (A.R.C.H.)*

Applied Research for Connected Health (ARCH) is an Enterprise Ireland and
IDA Ireland funded Technology Centre, which is led by University College
Dublin in collaboration with the University of Limerick. ARCH is an
industry-informed centre providing access to world class clinicians,
academics and patient cohorts to explore and evaluate potential connected
health solutions for the global market.

In its Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (2006-2013), the
Irish Government proposed the establishment of technology centres to
address the ‘key issue of building and reinforcing areas of strength within
both industry and academic sphere and ensuring that these are highly
networked with each other’.

Given Ireland’s critical mass of medical device companies, pharmaceutical
companies, clinical research organisation and ICT companies as well as the
government’s eHealth Strategy, Ireland is in a unique position to become a
global centre of activity and excellence in connected health and ARCH is at
the centre of this unparalleled connected health education and research

Gianluca Miscione
​University College Dublin
http://www.ucd.ie/cito/members/gianlucamiscione/ <https://goo.gl/yws3Fw>

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