[CITAMS] Stuff for next CITAMS newsletter

Barry Wellman wellman at chass.utoronto.ca
Sun Jul 8 18:30:14 EDT 2018

It's coming out July 31, firm. So please get your stuff into Ian or me 

   Step by step, link by link, putting it together--Streisand/Sondheim

   Barry Wellman

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Book Announcements
-200-250 word abstract in Word file
-Include with abstract each author/editor's name, institutional affiliation,
complete book citation using ASA Format, and url link to publication
-Book cover in PDF file

New Dissertations (defended in past year)
-200-250 word abstract in Word file
-Include with abstract your name, institutional affiliation, and advisors

News & Notes (member information on articles, awards, promotions, projects, etc.)
-100-150 word abstract in Word file
-Include with abstract your name and institutional affiliation

Announcements (calls for papers, conferences, and other opportunities)
- 200-250 word abstract in Word file
-Please do not send job ads. Per ASA stipulations, all job ads must be posted in
the ASA Job Bank. Once posted, your may send the notice out through the listserv.

(Thanks to William Holt, who posted this nice announcement to the CUSS 
newsletter, which I have appropriated for CITAMS)

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