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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2018 15:00:58 +0200
From: Artur Lugmayr <artur.lugmayr at ambientmediaassociation.org>
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Subject: [comtech] Call for Book Proposals, Edited Books, Monographs,
     and Handbooks

                                   Call for BOOK PROPOSALS, EDITED BOOKS,
                                            MONOGRAPHS, and HANDBOOKS

  ...to be published in the new....
  Series on Emerging Media Technology and User-Experience Computation
  published by Chapman&Hall/CRC Press

  30th September 2018 for the first batch of proposals, however,
  we also accept book proposals on a continuous basis


  artur.lugmayr at artur-lugmayr.com
<mailto:artur.lugmayr at artur-lugmayr.com?subject=CRC%20Book%20Proposals>

  We are especially searching for brave new ideas in media
  technology, emerging media, visualization, user-experience
  computation and interaction design!
The Chapman & Hall/CRC Emerging Media and User-Experience Computation
Series presents cross-disciplinary research, case studies, and insights
into media technology, media business, and media design. The series will
cover many topics of interest, including, but not limited to: advancements
in media technology, animation, media design, music, robotics, video,
content production, information systems, content systems, interactive
media, visual effects, asset management, design approaches,
user-experience, quality of experience, simulation, serious games, digital
games, augmented reality, and virtual reality. The series is
cross-disciplinary, and seeks contributions from computer science, media
design, human-computer-interaction, psychology, (mass)-communication,
information systems, and business viewpoints. More information in the Book.

(but are not limited to)
* Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR and VR)
* Quality of Experience (QoE)
* Media/UX meets Big Data, deep learning, AI
* Interactive data visualization
* Digital computer games
* Artificial Intelligence and VR/AR
* Interaction Design and User-Experience
* Human-Computer-Interaction
* Multimedia, video, music, and text media
* Animation and digital graphics
* Ubiquitous/pervasive media
* Interactive storytelling
* Entertainment technologies
* Cultural visualization
* Information systems in media industry
* Interactive and collaborative systems
* Mobile entertainment technologies
* Management of IT in entertainment industry
* User-experience and audience research
* Social media and web-based media technology
* Professional content production industries
* Yours?

* The Serious Storytelling Handbook: Storytelling Outside the Entertainment
  Artur Lugmayr, Helmut Hlavacs, and Calkin Suero Montero (Eds.)

For the book series, we are seeking high quality contributions. A first
initial proposal or brief of the book should include the following
information, and be sent via
email to
artur.lugmayr at artur-lugmayr.com
<mailto:artur.lugmayr at artur-lugmayr.com?subject=CRC%20Book%20Proposals>
It should contain a word document with the following sections:
* Type of book (e.g. handbook, edited book, monograph)
* Abstract (150-250 words abstract)
* Tentative chapter structure and content
* Target audience, and series fit
* Key-dated and time planning for the project
* Additional resources (e.g. website, newsletter, email list)
* Author information (short bio, picture, affiliation, contact information)

Further more detailed instructions can be found on:
http://emu.artur-lugmayr.com <http://emu.artur-lugmayr.com>

Please let me know if you should have further questions:
artur.lugmayr at artur-lugmayr.com
<mailto:artur.lugmayr at artur-lugmayr.com?subject=CRC%20Book%20Proposals>

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