[CITAMS] Country (culture...) as a factor in contributing to collective intelligence projects

Piotr Konieczny piokon at post.pl
Tue Jul 24 05:00:49 EDT 2018

Dear all,

I am working on a paper on why/whether people contribute (or not) to 
collective intelligence differently projects in different countries. The 
paper was inspired, partially, by several discussions I had with various 
people on why different language Wikipedia's have different sizes, 
besides (doh) the popularity of the language (and yes, English is 
biggest because it is international; and yes, I am aware a few 
Wikipedias are outliers because of bots creating machine translations or 
auto-populating villages or such). But for example, Poland and South 
Korea have roughly similar population/speakers and development status, 
yet Polish Wikipedia is over 3x the size of the SK one and no bot can 
account for that. So, there's more to that. I am already feeding dozens 
of parameters to a spreadsheet for some modelling, but I a) wonder what 
I might have missed - before a reviewer asks 'why didn't you check for 
xyz' and b) would like to have a few nice sentences about how things 
that people expect to matter do not (or vice versa). Hence, my question 
to you all, in the form of this open question mini survey:

Why do you think different language Wikipedia's have different sizes, 
outside of the popularity of a given language?

For reference, list of Wikipedias by size and language: 


Piotr Konieczny, PhD

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