[CITAMS] Searching for Alternative Facts (conservative engagement with media)

Francesca Tripodi francesca at datasociety.net
Wed May 16 14:01:20 EDT 2018

Good afternoon -

I know that many on this list are focused on "fake news," media
manipulation, algorithmic accountability/inequality, etc.

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you a report
<https://datasociety.net/output/searching-for-alternative-facts/>that just
released today on how conservatives search for truth in the contemporary
news environment. Some of the key findings this list might be interested in

   - the way in which conservatives are "active audiences" that consume a
   wide variety of sources but then juxtapose what they read/see/hear to their
   lived experiences. I term this meaning-making practice of relying on "the
   Word" *scriptural inference. *
   - I argue that because Google is a system built to complement scriptural
   inference in the form of key-word searches it can 1) reaffirm existing
   ideological beliefs, and 2) expose "mainline conservatives" to more extreme
   rhetoric through algorithmic recommendations.

Best -

PS: I will present this work at ASA in August so if anyone is interested in
connecting during the conference please send me an email!
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