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MINDS (Management in Networked and Digital Societies) department at
Kozminski University, a leading research-driven business school in the
heart of Europe, is seeking to fill one or more open rank positions in
digital sociology.

The research areas of particular interest for the candidates include:

-        Social Network Analysis (SNA),

-        Large dataset analyses on primary data (self collected/scraped),

-        Other quantitative studies of online communities,

-        Qualitaitve studies of online communities and digital humanities,

-         Science and Technology Studies (STS) related to the Internet.

We do not restrict the background of candidates to a particular field, as
we believe that good research can be inspired and developed from different
angles. However, we understand that the position may appeal particularly to
people doing research in digital sociology, management, management science,
data science, econometrics, computer science, information science, or
digital humanities. *If you are fluent in Python, R, Klingon, or Quenya,
feel free to mention it on your cv.*

MINDS Department is a highly informal, relatively young team of
researchers. We follow participative decision-making principles and, if
invited for an interview, you can expect being interviewed and evaluated by
all members of the team, irrespective of the rank you are applying for.

We put great emphasis on internationalization and high academic standards.
Over the last five years, MINDS Department faculty have gone on one-year
research stays to Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, Cornell University, University of California Berkeley, or New
York University, among others. We regularly publish in JCR-listed journals
and publish books in the leading academic presses (e.g. Stanford University
Press, MIT Press, Oxford University Press, Palgrave, Edward Elgar, Ashgate,

Some of us are social movements activists (and e.g. serve on the Board of
Trustees of Wikimedia Foundation or are engaged in the city movements),
some are involved in the start-up culture (mentoring, seed funds,
developing own businesses, etc.), and we generally value bringing a diverse
experience to the table.

We believe that research should be stellar solid and of high quality, but
that it also should be fun. We offer flexibility, a lot of independence,
and a friendly working culture.

The deadline for sending your application is *June, 1*.

More details: bit.ly/digital-sociology

Feel free to contact me about the position as well.

Dariusz Jemielniak, Ph.D.
Professor of Management
Chair of MINDS (Management in Networked and Digital Societies) Department
Kozminski University
 http://nerds.kozminski.edu.pl  <http://nerds.kozminski.edu.pl/>

*Recent articles:*

   - Dariusz Jemielniak, Gwinyai Masukume, Maciej Wilamowski (2019) The
   Most Influential Medical Journals According to Wikipedia: Quantitative
   Analysis <https://www.jmir.org/2019/1/e11429/pdf>, *Journal of Medical
   Internet Research*, 21 (1), pp. e11429
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   evidence: understanding organizational reality through organizational
   humorous tales
    *HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research* 31:  3.  539–561.
   - Dariusz Jemielniak, Maciej Wilamowski (2017)  Cultural Diversity of
   Quality of Information on Wikipedias
   of the Association for Information Science and Technology* 68:  10.
   - Dariusz Jemielniak (2016)  Wikimedia Movement Governance: The Limits
   of A-Hierarchical Organization
   <http://www.crow.kozminski.edu.pl/papers/wikimedia_governance.pdf> *Journal
   of Organizational Change Management *29:  3.  361-378.
   - Dariusz Jemielniak, Eduard Aibar (2016)  Bridging the Gap Between
   Wikipedia and Academia
   <http://www.crow.kozminski.edu.pl/papers/bridging.pdf> *Journal of the
   Association for Information Science and Technology* 67:  7.  1773-1776.
   - Dariusz Jemielniak (2016)  Breaking the Glass Ceiling on Wikipedia
   <http://www.crow.kozminski.edu.pl/papers/glass-ceiling.pdf> *Feminist
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   in Open Source Software Development: Analysis of Contributor’s Commits in
   Apache Software Foundation Projects
   , *PLoS ONE* 11:  4.  e0152976.
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