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Sciences Po’s médialab <https://medialab.sciencespo.fr/en/> is hiring
a *Professor
in Sociology of science and technology and the environment *(faculty
position in the public sector).

The position will benefit from a specific support *including a chair of
excellence and a grant to finance a thesis* that (s)he will supervise.

*IMPORTANT DEADLINES : March 1st*, 2019 for international candidates
(pre-qualifications) and *March 29th*, 2019 for all candidates

*Discipline *
The candidate's social science discipline may be sociology, demography,
physical, human, economic and regional geography or epistemology, history
of science and technology.
The present offer is for a faculty position in the public sector.
Candidates must have:

   - the title of Professor,
   - or be qualified as a Professor, or an equivalent position in a foreign
   university at the time of recruitment.

*Job Profile*
Sociology of science and technology and the environment.

The position is open to someone who has developed skills in history or
sociology of science and technology and whose expertise in studying the
interactions between science and society is well acknowledged. (S)He will
be expected to pursue or initiate a research project relating to the
environment (governance, climate, energy, risks, etc.).

The candidate is intended to develop an expertise in the analysis of the
ecological transition through digital methods.

This position will benefit from a specific financial support: the recruited
professor will have a chair of excellence, including a doctoral contract to
finance a thesis that (s)he will supervise.

Working knowledge in French is required.

*Recruitment Process*

Candidates practicing at a higher education institution outside France and
not qualified by the French National Council of Universities (CNU) must
obtain the approval of Sciences Po's Scientific Council in order to know if
they are eligible for this job. They are asked to report to the selection
committee chair *before March 1st, 2019.*

Candidates must submit their application through the "Galaxie" portal of
the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research
November 30th, 2018 and March 29th 2019* (Galaxie job offer reference:

*If you have troubles applying throught the galaxie portal, please contact
us <medialab at sciences-po.fr>.  *

More information
Sciences Po - médialab
27 rue Saint-Guillaume
75337 Paris cedex 07 France
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