[CITAMS] New Book: Examining the Use of Online Social Networks by Graduate Students

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Dear Colleagues,

Apologies for cross-posting.

My book titled “Examining the Use of Online Social Networks by Korean Graduate Students: Navigating Intercultural Academic Experiences” was published in May 2019:


It was also in the series of “Routledge Research in Education.”


This book examines how former, current, and prospective Korean graduate students navigate American universities, especially with regard to the student-advisor relationship. Based on extensive case study research conducted around Vivid Journal—an online social network for many domestic and international Korean graduate students—this volume highlights issues regarding access to various academic capitals (i.e., scholarship, publishing, participation in academic research), successful completion of graduate degrees, and academic or non-academic employment opportunities upon graduation. Through a rigorous analysis of members’ posting behavior, interaction, and role assignments, this book offers a new conceptual framework for online and social support networks, especially around the shaping and mediation of international student-advisor relationships. To that end, some new concepts, such as mediated accounts, communicative agents, and communicative guiders and the subgroups (institutional, academic, cultural, and social guiders), are introduced.

Indeed, Examining the Use of Online Social Networks is about the making of mediated accounts among the current, former, and prospective Korean graduate students of American universities through their online communications at the ‘back stage’ (the Vivid Journal social network) with the aim of helping its initial posters not only meet their academic concerns, but also build better working relationships with their American university academic advisors in the future at the ‘front stage’—i.e., the real-world situations.

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Joong-Hwan Oh, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
Hunter College
The City University of New York
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