[CITAMS] [Job vacancy] Research Engineer / Data Scientist on scientific misinformation

Amélie VAIRELLES amelie.vairelles at sciencespo.fr
Tue Oct 8 09:42:48 EDT 2019

[image: Logo Sciences Po - médialab]
Sciences Po médialab is hiring a Research Engineer / Data Scientist
to work on scientific misinformation on the web.

*The research project*
The Research Engineer / Data Scientist will be part of the team of the new
project "Influence of web platform practices and algorithmic decisions on
public access to climate information
<https://medialab.sciencespo.fr/en/activities/webclim>” dedicated to
scientific misinformation on web platforms and their recommendation engines.
One of the main goals is to document the sources of information that are
most prominent on web platforms like Youtube, Google or Facebook and
categorise the type of messages they convey, including the presence of
scientific misinformation in the fields of climate change and health. The
project aims at tracking how these change over time, notably in relation to
the policies announced by these companies to combat disinformation and thus
assess their effects. This project will benefit from the expertise and data
of the Science Feedback project, which organizes a global community of
scientists to assess the credibility of science related claims (see
climatefeedback.org et healthfeedback.org).

*Position details*
The Research Engineer / Data Scientist will join Science Po médialab team
for two years.
We are looking for candidates with strong data processing and analysis
skills to join our team and help us crawl the platforms, apply NLP
techniques to detect claims, and analyze the networks of websites and
social media accounts propagating misinformation among others. We encourage
candidates with a research background (PhD, postdoc) or data scientist /
engineer background to apply.

More information
[image: Compte Twitter du médialab] <https://twitter.com/medialab_ScPo>
[image: Site du médialab de Sciences Po]
Sciences Po - médialab
27 rue Saint-Guillaume
75337 Paris cedex 07 France
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